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Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday and plans ahead

I made this delicious chicken soup today and as we were busy, we ate it for dinner instead of lunch. I didn't make the dumplings this time either. There is nothing quite like the flavour of home made soup using your own stock. Yes, it's a bit of a fiddle, but worth the effort. Just cover the chicken carcass in water and simmer for an hour to extract all the flavour.
To add a few more calories to our meal, I ate mine with cheese on toast (strange combination I know, but very tasty). I'd already eaten a chicken sandwich for lunch. My other half had a chicken sandwich with his soup. I suppose the hearty soup could almost pass for a casserole.... It was very meaty. If there hadn't been lots of meat, I would have added some tinned cannellini beans. There's plenty left over for another day too. The portion size was 350g, and extremely filling.
For the week ahead we are planning to eat soups for lunch - using some we have already made. I've got a spicy carrot and lentil soup in the freezer which we're planning to have tomorrow lunch time.
I also have some peppers to use up, and plan to make this tasty VEGETABLE PASTA BAKE.
We also have the piece of BRISKET to turn into something later in the week. We're not sure what that will be. I love beef casserole, and am tempted to make that, but we may just try something new.
Tomorrow's dinner may just be a chicken (and bacon) salad or if the temperature drops too much, we'll make a CURRY (using this delicious curry sauce recipe) and have it with a jacket potato.
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