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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back to normality

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you had a wonderful week relaxing and enjoying yourselves. We certainly did. I managed to post some of our meals, and as you'll see - we didn't scrimp. Mince pies,  pizza, pasta.... all very delicious and nothing was banned.
Today I'm making this very simple yet warming and delicious CARROT AND RED LENTIL SOUP with a cheese sandwich. Tonight we're having our favourite - peri-peri chicken with new (buttered) potatoes, sweetcorn and salad.
So how did we fare on the scales? Well, not bad at all. Yes, our weight has increased slightly, but not to the extent it used to before we started eating the way we do. We know this is probably 'water' and only a temporary situation, and expect to be back to where we were within a couple of days (as has happened before). Now my weight is interesting, as it remained stable throughout the festivities, and although it's slightly up, my waist/tummy measurements are down! What's happening here? I've no idea, but it's great news. My fat is breaking down and sadly my jeans are slipping off without me having to undo them. So look out for my next party trick!!
Eating all that rich food actually slowed me down a bit - digesting it took quite a while, and I felt full for a lot of the time. This meant I didn't SNACK mindlessly. Yes I had some chocolates and nibbles, but I chose to do that - I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't mind a bit of chocolate with a cool glass of white wine!
You will see from our blog that a lot of our food is home made. I suppose you could say we have returned to old fashioned values - when ready meals didn't exist. I think this has really changed my tastebuds too - and I now prefer the clean and refreshing taste of something made from fresh ingredients. But, we don't always cook from fresh, and we occasionally have ready made food. The point about our way of eating, is that we have adapted it to suit us. The one thing we did make a stand on was LOW FAT PROCESSED food which we stopped eating.

If you would like to know more about how we have achieved our huge weight loss eating all this wonderful food - see OUR UNIQUE METHOD.
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