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Saturday, 5 January 2013

WEEKEND and times are changing

Watching Saturday kitchen - and Tom Kerridge has just cooked our all time favourite - SHIN OF BEEF. So I suspect when we go to the butchers, there will be none left on the shelf. I was thinking of making another casserole. Our recipe was similar to his too.
For lunch we've got some smoked trout. It's quite a strong tasting fish, but I like to eat mine with a little salad and slices of buttered bread.
Dinner - we fancy PORK TENDERLOIN. We've made a few meals and have some wonderful recipes for this cut of meat, so why not take a look? Today we're thinking of cooking the pork in cider and apples. We may also make some GNOCCHI as an accompaniment too; making enough for tomorrow's lunch.
We'll see what the butcher has before making up our minds about Sunday's meals.
I'll be posting some of our favourite weekend recipes later.

Our weight is almost back to where it was before Christmas. What we find most intriguing is the way our body shape has changed and continues to change. My partner in particular has reached his weight loss goal, yet over the last month or so, his body shape continues to change even though his weight has stayed more or less the same. It's as if the fat that's left is redistributing itself, as his waist measurement has gone down and he looks visibly slimmer. I find this amazing, but as I get closer to my own goal, I'm finding the exact same thing happening to me. Something is going on inside - and I visibly look slimmer which seems strange, but I'm not complaining. I have a shape emerging which I haven't seen in years... and years.
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