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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chicken leftovers

Here's what I did with the remaining chicken breast! Adding a slice of very tasty hot bacon, cut into strips gave the salad a nice saltiness all of its own. We added a little creamy coleslaw on top, a hunk of warm bread and (real) butter - and still had a delicious lunch at around 450 calories! You don't have to forego little pleasures to eat within  your calorie allowance - just count them in (you'll find the number of calories listed on the product pack).
I'm not sure what we are eating this evening as we may be eating out. We have a couple of special meals tucked away in the freezer which I quite fancy if we stay in. We love eating out, then coming home to recreate the recipes - often with surprising results. So If you would like to try some of the 'fine dining' recipes we attempted - you'll find them on the side bar under 'categories'. If you want something easier, then you'll find that too.
Sometimes we just want something simple and tasty - and tomorrow I'll be making the VEGETABLE PASTA BAKE as well as making up my mind on the BRISKET OF BEEF that's sitting in the fridge. It's amazing what you can make without spending the earth and the old fashioned cuts of meat are becoming more popular in these recessionary times.

See what eating this way has done on our  ABOUT US page. Calories DO COUNT and seeing is believing!!
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