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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Weekend menu plan

I quite fancy a risotto. This simple pea risotto was delicious - but, we found a whole lobster in the freezer, so we're going to make lobster risotto later. We bought this from one of the large discount supermarkets for around £6. Cooked as a risotto the lobster will feed 4. We'll put the recipe up later.
Calories in the risotto will be quite moderate. So we are having a starter too (and maybe a dessert).
My other half wants to have a go at a smoked haddock soufflé too. So that's the starter for our dinner this evening.
Tomorrow we are going to make chicken chasseur with mashed potato. Usually we have a roast, but we may be too busy. With plenty of mushrooms to use up, the chasseur will look after itself, and is quite economical to make.

4 chicken legs
200g chestnut mushrooms - sliced
1 onion or the equivalent in shallots (we used 3 small shallots) - finely chopped
couple of cloves of garlic - minced
2 glasses of wine (red or white according to taste/stock used)
half a litre of stock

Brown the meat pieces - we kept the skin on. Sweat onion/shallot in a pan until soft, add mushrooms and garlic then cook for a couple more minutes. Add wine and reduce this to half. Return the browned chicken pieces to the pan. Add the stock.
We put our ingredients into an oven proof dish, covered and cooked at 140 degrees C for and hour and a half. It could also be simmered gently on the hob if preferred.
Once cooked, remove liquid, strain the fat and reduce this to desired consistency (probably by half), I think ours could have done with a little more reduction. Just before serving, add some chopped parsley, and if you have it, a little tarragon which will lift the sauce - then season to taste.

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