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Saturday, 5 January 2013


The pork tenderloin is a really low calorie cut of meat but it can be difficult to cook. Overcooking this cut of meat is easy, so we use our meat thermometer to check when it's cooked. After cooking the pork to a point when we thought it looked ok from the outside, we cut through and it looked a bit raw. We returned the meat to the pan and cooked for just a few minutes longer, using the thermometer as a guide. So we would definitely recommend buying a small thermometer at a cost of about £3.
We pan fried approx 500g pork and added a small bottle of cider, shallots and garlic and cooked for around 25 minutes in a frying pan. Towards the end of cooking, we added a little honey to taste. The meat was removed to rest while we reduced the sauce - boiling it to a consistency we liked. We served with our own GNOCCHI, but you could buy this ready made from a supermarket ready. The sweet potato was cubed and pan fried. This is the first time my other half has had sweet potato which he said was delicious, so I suspect we'll be using it in another recipe soon.
This whole meal is quite low in calories and certainly under 500 calories - which is a good thing, after those delicious sticky bbq ribs earlier.
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