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Monday, 7 January 2013

Menu plan for the week

I know it's only egg and chips, but it was exactly what I fancied. Diets can be difficult when you are eating food you don't really want - our METHOD allows us to eat whatever we choose. Why not give our fabulous oven chips a try!
We have an outline menu plan for the rest of the week, and a lot of the home made dishes are already in the freezer. Being prepared helps us to be 'good' and the variety keeps us satisfied. Cooking in bulk has been a great help. But, if you don't have time, just buy wisely - look at how many calories are in the food. Eating too little is often the worse mistake to make as you will be starving and snacking before you know it.
I'm going to make a fresh lasagne tomorrow, but for the rest of the week the meals are already in the freezer. We're having our chicken casserole, a jambalaya and our lazy beef curry with rice.
Lunches will involve omelettes, salads, soups and sandwiches. Tomorrow's lunch is possibly the smoked trout salad.
Plans sometimes go astray when we just don't fancy what's on the menu, or when life gets in the way. We can always swap our intended meals around to suit our tastebuds. The main point being that thoughts can trigger desires and lead to cravings if they are not satisfied. Staying in control means allowing ourselves to eat what we really desire and try to incorporate that within our daily calorie allowance.
All the above dishes and recipes are already on the blog. They are all very very tasty and satisfying.

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