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Saturday, 5 January 2013


After joining friends in the pub, we came back to these delicious fully loaded BBQ spare ribs. It wasn't our fault - it was the butchers. He didn't have the shin of beef we wanted, but suggested the belly of pork instead - which came with the ribs attached. We decided to boil the ribs for 40 minutes then coat them in a BBQ sauce, you can make your own (like we did - see below) or buy a packet. Tomorrow we are now having the belly of pork cooked a different way.
Supermarkets sell these ribs at a premium price, yet they are 'free' if you ask the butcher to remove them (because you have already paid for them when they weigh the pork belly). Braising them first makes them oh so tender... don't just smother them in sauce and hope for the best.
Here's our recipe for smoky BBQ sauce: One teaspoon of smoked paprika and cumin, 2 small cloves garlic 2 teaspoons soy sauce, a glug of tomato ketchup, 10-15ml honey, black pepper and one onion. Blend together and smother whatever it is that needs smothering. We braised our pork ribs for 40 minutes then smothered them with the bbq sauce. Return to a hot oven until nice and crispy! Delicious as a first course. I have to say that the 'clean' taste of freshly made bbq sauce added to the enjoyment. We shared these, and we thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm not sure about the calories but it is Saturday and we do have a FULL calorie allowance to play with in whatever way we choose. Eating what we enjoy is part of the secret to our weight loss.

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