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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Are your nuts bigger than your phone?

I've been thinking about this for a while - some snacks are portrayed as 'healthy'.
Well I looked on the back of a pack of mixed nuts and ... couldn't believe the number of calories inside. No matter how healthy something is, if you eat too many calories than you need, it is likely that you will put on weight.
Quite often we'll find ourselves out having a drink, and pick up a small bag of nuts. We'll nibble away without too much thought.
Working out the calories in the nuts I was nibbling on was a bit of a challenge To start with, the calories were only listed per 100g! The pack told me that 100g would cost me 710 calories. That was my first surprise - because that's almost equivalent to a full roast dinner. But... my portion was a small handful - around 30g which works out at around 215 calories (equivalent to a bowl of cereals and milk).
So - if you are ever out and about and tempted by these innocent looking snacks ... just remember... are your nuts bigger than your phone? Here's what 30g of mixed nuts (just over 200 calories) looks like.
As long as we are aware of what we eat, and how this builds into our daily calorie allowance, then everything should be fine.
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