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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eat fast and live longer

Over the last 18 months we have been experimenting with our own weight loss idea - and lost 6.5 stone in weight as a result (as at 7 August 2012).  We believe our weight loss has been due to the eating method we discovered.
After already losing a lot of our weight, we saw a programme on television by BBC Horizon featuring Dr Moseley called "Eat, fast and live longer". Astonishingly, as we watched, we were more than a little stunned to find we had already experienced similar weight loss results. The programme described a DIET called the 5:2 - which involved fasting for two days.  BUT, we had already found we could lose weight relatively easily - without the need to fast for two days. Similarly, we were also eating whatever food we wanted.
Interestingly, we noted the programme showed two groups of people - those who ate lower fat foods and those that ate higher fat foods. Despite this, there was no difference in how much weight was lost overall. This is exactly what we are experiencing - we
eat whatever we like, and the weight is still being lost.
As I've mention, unlike the Horizon programme, we do not FAST and therefore, we feel we are more relaxed and less stressed. We did not anticipate losing weight at a rate like this (and which we cannot seem to explain). In fact, we would never have believed we could lose this much weight and not put any back on.
More recently, I have noted my BODY FAT composition is LOWER now, when compared to my recorded efforts during my previous 'dieting' attempts. Most of those diet attempts were following low-fat diets, where my food intake included quite a lot of low-fat processed foods. Comparing weight for weight, my body fat is now about 3% lower now - which has surprised me. Why is this? It appears I am healthier inside now that I have ditched eating low-fat processed foods.
We've been so comfortable following our own eating METHOD, that we have been able to sustain it over a very long period of time without feeling deprived, and with great weight loss results. We began our journey as 'obese' and now we are both in the 'normal' weight range. The weight has gone slowly but surely. My partner has more or less reached his goal weight, and I will continue this pattern of eating until I too have reached my target. We've found along the way that the body seems to resist a certain weight level, where we have remained there for a little while (despite often changing body shape), but overall the weight loss continued.
If you look through our blog at the food that we've eaten - you will see we are eating very well.
Our recipes are based on food we love to eat, and can be easily adapted to suit. Most of all we don't fret about every last calorie.
Our progress has been well documented, and since attending the BBC Radio Bristol offices last year for an interview, our weight loss has continued. Our friends have found following the idea easy and also achieved a very good weight loss, especially when they have found 'diets' didn't work for them.

This is not a diet. Lose weight eating the food you love - and forget dieting.
REMEMBER: We all have a calorie allowance - why not find out what yours is? We like to post our main meals to show you what CAN be eaten. You won’t find us posting every last morsel though – but we hope this gives you an idea of how far calories can go!
Read about our UNIQUE METHOD of weight loss and find out how we have lost weight eating the food we love.
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