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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Weight loss update

I'm more and more surprised at our weight loss results. When we first set out, we both had a target of losing about a stone each - in time for a social event. 18 months later and our weight loss is now closer to 6 1/2 stone. We are both amazed - not only because we appear to have hit upon the way to lose weight and keep it off, but because neither of us ever expected this result. I was very sceptical, having grown up in the belief that the only way to lose weight was to follow a 'diet'. Not only that, we both find our idea really simple to follow. The friends who have followed this method have also achieved some great weight loss too.

This morning we are both at an all time low weight. The process of weight loss is once again repeated exactly as before: we lose weight, bounce back up from that low, hover about a few pounds above the new low, body shape appears to change, then we go back to the new low. It's almost as if the body resists then finally relents and lets the fat go. Like today. We hit a new low a couple of weeks ago, then the weight jumped back up before trending back down to that low. Even when the scales showed the weight had jumped back up, the body shape told us a different story as our clothes were more loose. Very strange. Neither of us has ever lost weight like this before. For me, I can see real fat loss from parts of me that I never ever experienced before when following a 'diet'. As I've already said, even my feet are now 1/2 size smaller. Don't get me wrong - we are not losing massive amounts each week. Using our method, we lost around a 1 lb per week when we first started out. We've had holidays from this, we sometimes only get to put in a couple of 'good days', we've celebrated and not followed it at all.  As we have lost most of the weight now, the fact that we are still slowly able to chip away at the remaining fat, using the same method, is quite an achievement.

Whether it's because our body gets all the nutrients it needs through our varied and, what we feel is a balanced intake of food, we have no idea. Or is it because we keep changing our metabolism? 4 days eating a bit less and 3 days eating a maximum calorie allowance (and we do push it)? One thing is for certain, we never go hungry and will actively eat if we are hungry. We don't go to the gym, but walk for exercise so there is no hard slog. Everything we have done is sustainable for us. We haven't eliminated any food group, and actively eat (and drink) whatever we want and don't feel deprived.

More and more people are approaching us wanting to know how we are doing it. When we say we are not following a specific diet, they just cannot comprehend it.

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