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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Our weight is still going down which is amazing.
I have reached a NEW LOW WEIGHT - and I love it. It still surprises us that our weight seems to drop after a particularly hearty few days of eating. Over the last few days we've eaten braised lamb in red wine, bbq beef brisket, sandwiches and pasta. No diet food in sight - just our recipes and home cooked food.
The weight seems to go in bursts now. I suppose that's because we have more or less reached our goal weight. Interestingly though, the fat still seems to disappear in the same way. By that I mean we generally feel slimmer and look slimmer yet it doesn't show on the scales for a while. We know the scales will eventually show a drop in weight, because we've done our sums, and once again today we've seen the results.
When we started out, we never thought for one minute we would still be here following  OUR IDEA. We had no idea if it would work, but when it worked so well, we were stunned. I've tried so many 'diets' in the past, and got to the point of loathing all of them after a few weeks. Willpower would disappear after a few more weeks and that would be that.
Our idea was an experiment which turned out to be a success. It was so effective and easy that we just kept going. We were really surprised at the amount of weight we were losing. Our method was so easy to pick up and put down, but all the while contributing to an overall weight loss - without eating strange diet food. I am more convinced than ever, that we have found a simple solution to a difficult problem, without going to extremes.
I'm trying on dresses in sizes I never thought I would now. My other half has just bought a very nice suit - his measurements remarkably different - 6 inches smaller! I love days like this when I see a brand new low weight. It shows me that sticking to our sums does add up in the end.
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