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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tuna salad and taking control

Our philosophy is simple - eat food we love. If we don't we think we'll either feel deprived, or fed up. As we all have a daily calorie allowance, why waste it on something you don't enjoy? Take this simple tuna salad at around 450 calories - we love all the components, and enjoy savouring every mouthful. We love cheese and eggs, so they go in. We love new potatoes, more so with a little dab of butter and seasoning. We love olive oil and balsamic for our salads, but on this salad, we're having good old salad cream which I think goes much better?
That's our philosophy - eating what we love most. It's about empowerment, being able to change what's there until we create our own preference. All the while, we have a think about calories, roughly counting them in, and hopefully get an estimate that works - so far we're doing OK.

Satisfaction doesn't just come from the food we eat, it comes from how it looks too. We love our food to look fabulous on the plate. Our satisfaction increases, and we feel much better.

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