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Friday, 31 August 2012

Pulled pork

Well it seems to be the 'in thing' at the moment, and we just wanted to try another slow roast - PORK SHOULDER.
We used brisket of beef last week, and I wanted to see whether pork shoulder came out just as nice. If I'm honest I prefer the beef. Here's a picture of the sandwich we made later.


 ONE teaspoon each of 
smoked paprika
 cumin powder
 dried thyme
 ordinary paprika
 salt and pepper

REMOVE the skin from the pork and smother in the same bbq rub we used for the beef:

Rub the mixture all over the joint which was about 1.5kg which could easily feed six.

This went into the oven at 100 degrees C this morning - 8 hours later it was cooked. (NOTE: this was cooked at a lower temperature than when we cooked the beef brisket last week, hence the longer cooking time today).  
Cook covered with foil, on a bed of onions, with about a centimetre of water. For the last hour we removed the foil to crisp up the outside. If you want to cook some roast potatoes, these can sit in alongside the meat for the last hour - with the heat turned up to around 180 degrees C.

The only thing we found we needed to do after it was cooked, was add a sprinkle of salt (didn't need to do this with the beef) to bring out the flavour.

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