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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Weighing it up

Here's a situation we have seen many times... It has never put us off, and we've continued to eat the way we do!
We wake up one morning and stand on the scales - we find we weigh more. We ask ourselves one simple question - HAVE WE EATEN enough calories to equate to the weight gain. Knowing that 3,600 calories = approximately one pound in weight, the answer has always been NO. We keep a rough count of the calories, and we think we would KNOW if we've consumed 3,600 additional calories!!
So the fluctuations in weight are generally ignored, and we believe most of this is down to water in the body.
This is why we would suggest only weighing ONCE a week, on the same day, so a full 7 day cycle is calculated. We don't mind hopping on and off the scales, as we're really interested and trying to understand how all this works. We've achieved a slow steady downward movement in weight over the last 18 months - and that's good enough for us.
Read how we put our idea to the test  -  Our Experiment

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