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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beef & Mushroom ...

We waste nothing! Our left over Sunday beef roast needed a home, so we decided to experiment. The beef would have made a very nice pie, but we thought pastry was unnecessary and quite heavy - considering the richness of the beef.
Instead we chose to top our beef with sliced potatoes. I used a metal dome topped oven dish. The self steaming oven pot basted the potatoes with the beefy liquid, cooking them perfectly from raw. See how we prepared this... beef and mushroom hotpot.
While we were out today we cooked this while the oven was on low (130 degrees) and came back to a wonderful meal. All we needed to do was take the lid off, turn up the heat, and crisp the potatoes - while the vegetables were steaming away. Delicious. Not a pastry calorie in sight, just the wonderful aroma of the beef casserole tucked beneath some very, very tasty (and moreish) potatoes. Around 500-600 calories (at most) - not bad for a bucketful of flavour!
In a throw away society, this is FRUGAL eating at it's tastiest. We have enough left over for another meal for two. Going back to good old fashioned values has its advantages.

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