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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weekend Menu Plan

We've decided to have fish for dinner - and will see what the fishmonger has on offer. After so much beef lately, fish is a welcome change. We're thinking of picking up some smoked haddock so we can make either a chowder or Cullen Skink at some point.
For Sunday we're going to make Chinese style belly pork with pak choi and mash. This is a fabulous tasty dish, and will happily cook all on its own while we get on with something else.
These cheaper cuts of meat are the tastiest. Yes they are fatty, but slow cooking draws out a lot of the fat, which can then be discarded. We get the best of both worlds if the weather is good, we can go for a longer walk (earn a few more calories) and return to find our meal is awaiting us.
Our friends seem to like the idea too, with some of them recently purchasing  a slow cooker. I can think of nothing better than coming home after a days work, to the welcome aroma of a slow cooked meal - ready to eat.
TIP: throw some ice cubes onto a casserole, and they will attract the fat from the dish. This can then be scooped off. 

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