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Monday, 17 September 2012

Cullen Skink

This fish and potato soup (called Cullen Skink in Scotland - or smoked haddock chowder) tasted much better than it actually looks! The picture was taken in poor lighting too so that doesn't help! It's quite a simple dish to prepare, and there are lots of recipes out there, but here's our version (based on the ingredients we had to hand).
A lot of the recipes (not all) use cream for this soup, but we used full fat milk instead, and experienced no loss of flavour! (Just loss of all those creamy calories).
We put half a litre of full fat milk into a pan, heated this through then added 275g of smoked haddock. The fish was poached until translucent (about 10 mins) then removed onto a plate. Into the milk we put one very finely chopped onion and 250g of very finely diced potato. We added a bay leaf (plus a few of the smaller fish flakes), checked the seasoning and cooked until soft. We kept the larger flakes of haddock to one side. Then we roughly blended the milk/vegetable mix - before adding back the large flakes of fish. A sprinkle of parsley and nutmeg and we were done. A very hearty bowl of soup (enough for 3 portions) at around 330 calories and to that we added some bread.
After a tuna and cheese salad with potatoes at lunch time, we still have enough calories for a good nibble or two on the left over pork belly.

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