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Friday, 14 September 2012

Dressing it all up

We are both busy buying new clothes and enjoying the process. Because we’ve lost so much weight using our own special method, we are convinced the weight will stay off. That’s not something I would ever have had the courage to say before, after following some 'diet' or other. 
So how can I be so convinced now? Partly because of the success of the method we have both followed. We've now learned how not to put on weight and have a system which gives us confidence and will help keep the weight off forever. 
My wardrobe is slowly being rebuilt, and I am buying some really nice items that will fit me today, tomorrow and next year. I no longer need 3 sizes of everything. Unlike my other half, I'm holding back on buying the really fitted items, as I want to lose just a little bit more - so I can fit comfortably into the next size down.
As I was getting bigger, I didn’t like spending money on clothes. Most of my clothes were dark – grey, black and colourless. This wasn’t just to hide what was underneath, but more an expression of how I felt.
Not any longer! I’ve just bought some of the brightest clothes ever. Suddenly I’m bursting out (not literally) in reds, yellows and orange.
So when I see the media picking on people like Claire Richards (ex Steps celeb with a weight problem)  - today she's wearing a navy polka dot dress, I am dismayed. Claire is such a pretty woman, and her size shouldn’t matter. I’ve recently watched the documentary on her weight issues, and I can identify – as I am sure a lot of people can – with her behaviour around food. I believe these problems stem from the restrictive ‘diets’ being followed. Diets restrict the food people love to eat and this can only mean a short term fix. Most people – myself included – run straight back to the food they love after losing a few pounds. 
That’s why our method of losing weight was so successful. We turned our back on diets and came up with this fabulous idea. We eat and drink everything we want but most of all we've taken CONTROL. Because WE control what we eat, we reward ourselves every day with food we enjoy and no longer CRAVE anything. Our method allows us to relax with friends at weekends socialising without worrying about some 'diet' or other. 
Our 6.5 stone weight loss is the result. I’ve still got a bit to go – but I’m getting into dress sizes that I would never have dreamed of. Ditching diets and going with our gut feeling has been the best thing we’ve ever done.  The best bit – is when all the weight has gone – we just get to eat more. 

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