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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday's plan

I was ravenous this morning and have no idea why, but I generally listen to my body now and eat accordingly. It's not often I wake up feeling hungry! Most of the diets I tried in the past were so low in calories that I was always hungry. Eating more, as we do, is the key to small amounts of weight loss that have added up to over 6.5 stone.
My breakfast was half a grapefruit - I just love the refreshing taste, followed by 2 slices of toast and a boiled egg. I had one slice of Jarlsberg cheese on one of the pieces of toast and spread the other with butter and marmite. Quite a good breakfast at around 360 calories, but it was filling and delicious.
I believe our bodies will let us know what it wants - so why not do just that. I've been following my instincts for the last 19 months, and rarely have any cravings as a result.
LUNCH - we've chosen home made soup. We've got a couple of portions of this fabulous butternut squash soup in the freezer and need to make some space. We'll have some cheese sandwiches with this - that's 80g of bread and 10g of strong cheddar (approx 450 calories).
DINNER - we're planning to have lamb chops, salad/parmesan, sweetcorn and potatoes (approx 650).
I'll just about make it under my 1500 calorie target - still achieving a GOOD day! I'm going to get a small walk in which should give me at least 160 calories to play with!
With the scales being kind to me today, I don't want to spoil it too much, as I hope to reach a NEW LOW WEIGHT by Friday!

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