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Monday, 10 September 2012

Planning ahead

Monday is the start of 4 good days. Just dropping the calories slightly on these days has resulted in some amazing weight loss. We've had a good weekend eating normally, and I'm ready to chip away at my remaining weight.
For the majority of people, weight gain is slow and often takes years to accumulate. So why look for the quick fix? Losing weight slowly without changing the food we eat has the added benefit that once we reach our target, we just get to eat more.
Today we are lunching out, and for dinner, we have the CHICKEN AND CHORIZO JAMBALAYA  in our sights. We know that dinner will set us back 500 calories, so we have plenty of room for a good lunch - while still remaining within the calorie allowance for a 'good' day. When eating out, we usually make a rough estimate on the calories on our plate. Everything is allowed - from bread to wine, we do not religiously count every calorie. My body is not a precise machine and I have learned it is very clever, especially at letting me know what it wants.
For Tuesday we are likely to be eating gammon steak for dinner and a salad for lunch. 

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