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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


We like to plan ahead, but sometimes things do not happen quite as we expect. Take last night where we had the lamb chops and salad/potatoes ready to go, but ended up meeting up with some friends. Our evening meal turned into something else - but hopefully this won't stop me hitting a new low weight later on this week. That's despite all the lovely food we ate over the weekend too.
I can usually sense when my weight is going to drop, and even after our little diversion last night, I am still optimistic!!
Today we had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast for lunch. And - you've guessed it - we are now having the lamb chops tonight.
I would say we are now in our final phase of weight loss - which is brilliant news. My partner has more or less made it to his target, and I have a little way to go. The great thing is, every pound I lose from here seems to be making a real difference. At the moment there seems to be a shape change going on again - around the belly too which is great news. Learning how to dress without having to 'cover up' (goodbye wobbly bits) is fantastic.

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