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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bacon, BBQ and Sunday roast

With the weather as good as it is (at long last) we've decided to go for a nice walk later - and what better to get us going than a good old bacon sandwich. That's lunch.
This evening we'll get the BBQ out. I've got some duck breast in the freezer - we fancy trying this marinated in a Chinese style rub and cooking it outdoors.
Sunday - we're having a Sunday beef roast with all the trimmings - Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes etc. The weekends we actively eat more, so make the most of it with all our favourite food.

Over the last week, my 4 good days were ... good. Yesterday, I was hoping the scales would appreciate this, but they didn't. However, as has happened regularly throughout our weight loss, my clothes are looser and the mirror tells me I am slimmer. We've got a feeling this is all to do with the 'whoosh' effect - where fat cells fill up with water just before the weight drops. So I am waiting for my whoosh - which has happened to us many times. We KNOW we've put in the effort, we KNOW what we've eaten... we're used to being patient and waiting. Most of all it's great that our weight is still reducing, and when we get to where we want to be, all we get to do is EAT MORE of the same thing!!

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