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Monday, 27 August 2012


We let the rain get on with it, and stayed indoors. My partner loves making his own pasta - and I love eating it. This RUNNY EGG RAVIOLI was inspired by the Channel 4 programme 'Simply Italian' we saw last week.
We recall the recipe used smoked salmon, but we preferred to use just spinach and ricotta because it's a nice combination. I think the Chef was using truffles, but we didn't use this as it's not our usual store cupboard ingredient!
To make the ravioli, we rolled out the pasta then laid a pastry cutter on the sheet, and spooned the spinach/ricotta/parmesan mix into it. We made a well, then added the egg yolk.
The ravioli takes about 3 minutes to cook.
I griddled some asparagus (yes I did do something) while all this was going on.
Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan and a splash of oil, salt and pepper.
We would estimate this dish at no more than 500 calories, although it could be slightly less, but we generally over estimate if we are not sure.
150g ricotta
150g wilted spinach (dried out and chopped),
10g parmesan,
pinch of nutmeg,
touch of lemon juice,
salt and pepper.
The pasta was made with 60g worth of pasta flour and one egg - which we think is enough for two.

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  1. This looks delicious! I just found your blog through a comment you made on the guardian article on Alzheimer's, and your way of thinking matches up to the way we were brought up to think - most of what you eat should be good for your body, not harm it, and little treats should be guilty pleasures you enjoy, just not too often. Unfortunately I'm vegetarian, so a lot of dishes you make are unsuitable, but this one looks wonderful - does it take long to make the pasta though?

    1. Thanks SJK. You are right - our way of thinking embraces old fashioned values. Three good meals per day, large enough to fill us up and feel satisfied. By ditching 'diets' we are finally eating all this fantastic food. Why not have a look at our photo gallery? It's on FLICKR - here' s the link to it:

      There are some great recipes - some vegetarian and some that can be adapted to suit.
      The pasta doesn't take a long as you might suspect - less than half an hour. We bought a small cheapish (£20) pasta machine to roll out the dough. It's the rolling out that takes the time - we tried it with a rolling pin and couldn't get it thin enough. If you don't have a pasta machine, you could always buy some fresh pasta sheets - ready rolled and give those a try.


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