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Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday's choice

A quick flaked salmon lunch with 50g of bread - at around 450 calories this will leave lots of room for later. Our local farm had some quails eggs, so I picked some up and added to the salad instead of ordinary eggs. We dressed with olive oil and a little balsamic and seasoned the salad leaves well.
Tonight we're having a beef chilli con carne (home made - from the freezer) with some rice. This will be ready for us when we get back after seeing some friends. A few nibbles and drinks in between, but we should still be able to keep within our full calorie allowance. We love the weekend because we've chosen these days to be the days we get to eat more.
We constantly see people (even TV chefs) resorting to making 'diet' alternatives - rather than eating great food, cooked normally. Not only is this unsustainable, often the dieter seems to under eat. We cook how we want to cook, and use proper ingredients - no substitutes and are still losing weight eating good portion sizes. If you want to know how we have lost almost 6 1/2 stone eating great food, then read OUR IDEA.

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