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Saturday, 9 July 2011

And tonight's menu is...

We have recently arrived back from the pub where a few pints were in order. The cocktails have arrived and I am sitting here enjoying a martini, with olives. Just like they do in the movies! Hey I'm a rock star - I wish.

My partner is co-ordinating the cooking, and I've laid the table. I feel many of my calories that I have burnt off today with walking and walking.. will disappear in a vat of wine. Well it is Saturday night and quite frankly - we are both having a really good time.

We have just cooked the potatoes, and all the dressed crab is going to be added to this. The scallops are ready to go - in that the orange roe has been removed as I personally do not like the strong flavour. You can keep it of course if you wish (good luck).

All that needs doing for this dish is to heat up the carrot puree made earlier, prepare some rocket by adding salt and good olive oil, and sitting back and enjoying life.

OOPS. After enjoying the dish it proved there were a few problems. The carrot puree prepared this morning turned out to be lacking in flavour, so this tells us that our taste buds have changed during the day. When preparing this, add extra lime and ginger because you will need it and we would recommend about double the amount previously reported.

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