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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mid week update and menu

On Monday I recorded my weight, and over the week I was down half a pound. But I knew I had put in some very good days, with a few longer walks including hills.

I am down another half pound already since Monday's weigh in. I've clocked up a brand new low which is exciting. The weekend was spent eating a full calorie allowance, and I am more convinced than ever, that this way of eating tricks the metabolism. After just 2 good days, my body seems happy to "let go" and I weigh less. This never happened so readily when I was following a diet. Whether it's because I eat normal foods with normal fat levels I just don't know? The one thing I do know is the food I am eating is filling me up and satisfying me so much.

Yesterday we enjoyed a really tasty lasagne and although I had a smaller portion at lunch time, I had to have seconds so ended up with what would have been a large portion as it was just so good. Our evening meal was simply beans on toast because we had to dash out and didn't want to go out without eating first. We like to eat before 7pm if we can. When we returned, we had a glass of wine and some cheese and biscuits.

Today I'll be eating cereals for breakfast, salmon salad with potatoes for lunch and a chicken dish (not sure which one yet) this evening.

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