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Friday, 8 July 2011


That means three days of eating, drinking and socialising on a full quota of calories. Great feeling.

Having had a think about meals, I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be something exotic tomorrow. Tonight's meal is already planned for later - upon return from the pub. Friday night is the only night we tend to eat after 9pm. Normally we try and eat around 7pm.

I was having a look through the freezer and found a whole lobster. I suppose that's not the usual sort of thing you would expect? But, our local shop had them on offer at £5 each, so we didn't exactly break the bank. We may make a lobster risotto tomorrow, and if so I will put the recipe here. When this is made with lobster stock, the taste is just like you would experience in a fancy restaurant (and is really easy to make). Not too sure what to eat on Sunday yet.

I now have a pile of old clothes sitting sadly on the stairs after sorting through to see what I can't wear any more. I say "sadly" because the clothes are all dark and dreary. It's almost as if without thinking, being "large" takes me to the dark side of the store, you know, where the cobwebs and lonely people are. I didn't realise how depressing my wardrobe was until just now. In fact, it was so alarming, that I've decided I have to go shopping now, just to put myself back into sync with the colourful world out there. Well that's my excuse for shopping! Oh, and even better still, all the clothes will be smaller. If I can drag my partner along (!!!!) perhaps he can get himself some new jeans that FIT.

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