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Monday, 11 July 2011

Weigh in

We really do wonder how we can keep losing weight without following a specific diet and continue eating food that we love to eat. Just by being aware of our daily energy allowance and being good for 4 days (Mon to Thurs) we are achieving excellent weight loss results. Over the last week, my partner had a series of meetings and leaving do's, which meant he only really had 3 good days. The rest of the time was spent eating normally. Is the weight loss spurred on by this method? Does it give the metabolism a kick into action? We don't know, but it makes for a great lifestyle and social way of losing weight. It may be because we enjoy such a fantastic weekend that we are eager to resume the 4 good days to repeat the weight loss? I don't know.

He has lost another 1 lb today, and I've also lost another 1 lb too. We are both really chuffed. It's becoming more noticeable and I can "feel" a difference all around my body.

Our biggest main change to our eating habits is to be mindful of the snacks. Our eating has always been good, and that continues. If the only thing you do is give up snacks, you may be surprised too.

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