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Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday negotiations

A breakfast of smoked haddock and poached egg with a slice of brown bread was perfect. I’d eaten so much the night before, that I wasn’t that hungry. My partner however, managed a lovely cooked full breakfast. The black pudding and sausage were exceptional, with all ingredients organic and locally sourced. We headed out to the hills with the prospect of some breathtaking walks to shift the fat cells. We are not hikers, just walkers, and the hill we are approaching looks to be out of our comfort zone, but we’re going there anyway. Maybe we are being too ambitious? My Berkenstocks might not cope!
We ended the day walking a total of 8 miles, over 3 walks, which should equate to 800 calories. No hiking boots required, as the paths were clear and easy to walk. Our route took us around some spectacular views, especially as we were so high up.
For lunch I had a huge beef salad sandwich, where the beef actually took up more space than the bread with layer upon layer of soft rare roast beef. After all the walking I really fancied haddock and chips for dinner. The huge pub portion came perfectly cooked in a wonderful light batter, the chips came in a separate pot (they would not have fitted on the plate anyway) and there was a small tub of mushy peas. I had a choice. Eat everything, roll over and go to sleep, or make my way through the very tasty piece of haddock. I chose the latter (of course). My challenge was to eat the whole fish. I nearly got there, and only had a few of the chips and mushy peas. Maybe I could have eaten all the fish had I not chosen fresh crayfish cocktail as a starter! We weren’t going to have a starter, but we were promised freshly cooked crayfish – and we just didn’t want to miss out. Then there was wine... We've no idea what the scales will reveal on Wednesday morning, but we are enjoying pushing the boundaries!

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