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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Revealing all.

I forgot to mention in my last post that we even had dessert wine with our last evening meal, although we managed to skip on the coffee and petit fours! Well - the Innkeeper was very persuasive as he is VERY knowledgeable about his food and wine. He specialises in bin ends and his enthusiasm is catching.
We were 'walking' so we could eat and drink, and had we been “fine dining” I’m sure the walks would have sufficed.

So what did the scales say? We were dreading it. But, it appears we have just enjoyed the great escape. My partner stayed the same, and I have put on just ¼ lb. We are a little stunned. We knew the walking was going to mitigate the excesses to some extent, but we weren’t sure how much.

Now this is the perfect time to start our new experiment. We’re going to have 3 “good” days now, and hope to see a swift return to our all time lows. We’ve experienced rapid corrections before, but we are going to monitor the next few days much closer, as we feel there is something else that may be contributing to weight loss. We’ll see if our suspicions are confirmed.

Eating out can be a bit of a nightmare, especially as we are not in control of the food preparation, so the food has to be intuitively calculated. We are so pleased with our weigh in following this last particularly food extravaganza. We both thought we had more or less stayed the same weight. We give ourselves the choice about what we want to eat, and because we make that choice, we feel in control. There is no psychological over eating to feel guilty about, and we enjoy everything we eat. We’ve taught ourselves to eat within our energy allowance, and if we slip outside occasionally, that’s OK. Now it’s back to our plan which we are all the more focussed.

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