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Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday ....

It is now clear why my partner was looking so pleased with himself. He stood on the scales this morning and proclaimed another one pound weight loss. I also achieved a weight loss of half a pound. Incidentally, I have a set of scales which can weigh in kilos or pounds, and I've found using the pounds best, as it measures smaller movements. We went for quite a hilly walk yesterday, and the effort doesn't seem to be reflected in the weigh in - so maybe this will come later. We know we've put in the effort, so we may find some surprises during this week.

What we are finding at the moment is our weight range throughout the week is not swinging as drastically as it had been - which was sometimes up to 3lb. It is very noticeable that the range is much tighter now with no more than a 2lb swing at the most. I'm wondering if I need to recalculate our daily energy allowance? Having lost so much weight, I may need to lower my energy intake so my good days reduce from 1500 to 1400 calories, and my normal days from 2200 to 2000 calories. I'll keep this in mind over the next couple of days, and see what happens.

My legs are looking much more toned, and decidedly thinner. I can even see some good knees appearing! The tops of my arms are slimmer, as I can get into some sleeves with ease now. I know there is some "movement" of fat over my entire body, as all these fatty areas are much much softer, which usually indicates it is on its way OUT.

At the party on Saturday night, someone commented that if my partner lost any more weight he would disappear! I then pointed out that our BMI was still in the unhealthy range, and we would continue losing weight until our BMI was normal. They couldn't argue with that response. The trouble is that people can only go by what they know, and that is how we were for such a long time. Changing body shape in a dramatic way, can result in this sort of comment. To those that see us every day, it's less noticeable. Using the BMI as our goal, we can put these comments into perspective. Over the next 6 months I would like to think my BMI will be in the middle of the healthy range.

This week we've got some beef mince and chicken breasts to use up. We will be doing a pasta dish, something spicy with the chicken and tonight having the lamb with just boiled veg (nothing roasted).

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