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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hot salmon with potato salad

Mmm one of our favourites. I bought a pack of ready cooked hot salmon, and flaked this over some salad, accompanied with home made potato salad. It looks like this:

The total cost for this meal is around 350 calories. If you want to add a small bread roll, then go ahead. A small 40g wholemeal roll with a little spread will set me back around 125 calories. You may wish to add some of your favourite creamy dressing? Whatever you add to "bulk" the meal out and fill you up even more, just make sure you look at the number of calories and BE HONEST when measuring out the quantity.


100g salmon - 178 cals
120g new potatoes - 88 cals
5g real full fat mayo - 32 cals
teaspoon olive oil for salad - 20 cals
half hard boiled egg - 35 cals
mixed salad of your choice

Cook the new potatoes and while still warm, add a couple of chopped spring onions, season with salt and pepper then stir in the mayo. If the potatoes are waxy enough, the small amount of mayo will just coat them. It adds a bit of decadence to the bare spud! The rest of the meal is really just an assembly job. It looks quite spectacular on the plate.

Oh, I did have a small wholemeal bread roll. Must be because of the walk earlier? Still, my total meal is around 475 calories, which is hardly a huge dent is it.

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