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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday's menu

I've had some full fat greek yoghurt with wonderful ripe nectarines. A great way to zing up your day.

It's going to be an easy day as preparation is minimal. I've already made the beef lasagne (see earlier post), and the rest of this - 400 calories worth each - is going to be eaten this evening with a small rocket and parmesan salad (tossed in oil and seasoned lightly). You must try this recipe as it was so tasty, and personally I love it the second time round as the juices get to "improve". The flavour and texture is even better.

For lunch we are having smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, and a wholemeal roll with butter. As the salmon was on offer, it seemed silly not to go for it. The meal is well balanced and filling. We don't add milk to the scrambled eggs, as you get a much richer texture without.

Plenty of room for a few small snacks during the day, and so far, our 4 days are working out exceptionally well for us, with surprising results on the weighing scales!

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