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Friday, 15 July 2011

Breakfast cocktail

Just two ingredients in this one!

It was supposed to be full fat greek yoghurt with pineapple, but the cherries looked so tempting. Just 100g yoghurt (130 cals) and 50g cherries (30 cals) gave me the perfect way to start my day! I feel satisfied and full. If I wanted more I would eat it.

Eating yoghurt like this gives it a whole new meaning, especially because of the real fresh fruit. Some manufactured yoghurts are just so runny and tasteless. Eating low fat yoghurts usually means eating the extra sugar that replaces the fat, and these can have an odd sweet taste.

I'm eating what I fancied. If this is not the sort of thing you would like to eat, then don't. It's your food, and you can choose. Just look at the label on the tub/box and see how many calories are in it. If you think you can fit that into your allowance, then eat it if that's what you want.

Yesterday evening, we came home and decided to go for a walk. Fortunately we have some lovely field walks nearby, and one of these ended up next door to a pub. So what better way to spend the 300 calories we had just earned, on a warm sunny evening relaxing. We then walked home and had a huge prawn cocktail (ah, there is a theme going on here), with some brown bread. Very 70s, very retro, very nice. This was followed by some cheese and biscuits.

This morning my partner was half a pound lighter! I stayed the same. But we think that walking seems to take a few days before showing up on the scales. It doesn't matter, we know we've done the exercise. We've included it in our calculations.

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