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Thursday, 21 July 2011

How are your tastebuds?

One of the things I found when I used to diet, was that I didn't really taste the food. The food was often bland anyway, but because I was eating low fat this and low fat that, without any dressing, gravy or - anything nice, I never savoured my food. I used to eat it like a machine and viewed the food as something to sustain me, not that it ever did!

I clearly remember (and this is true) coming off one diet and deciding to have my longed for Sunday roast with real gravy. I had been yearning for roast beef and yorkshire pud. It looked lovely and the beef was perfectly cooked. It was only AFTER the meal that I realised I had eaten it with tartare sauce! I'd picked up the wrong jar from the fridge. You know, I thought it tasted a bit strange, but I think my taste buds were so battered by then that I didn't notice enough to stop. I cannot believe I did that, and I know for a fact that NOW, this would never happen as my tastebuds are firing on all fours.

At last, tasting food has become one of my pleasures. I make sure we get as much flavour out of the tinest of morsals.

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