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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meals today

My partner's weigh in was good this morning. He has finally dropped half a pound, and touched a NEW low. Slowly but surely his weight is slipping off in a way that he never imagined possible. He now makes wise choices with food, especially at work, instead of mindlessly eating without realising the implications. Yesterday he was travelling again, and stopped off for coffee and a biscotti, rather than coffee and a cake. The only difference here was he saved some 300 calories by not choosing the cake! This is one of his regular "tricks" to losing weight. Knowing what is in our food is the knowledge that will help us take control.

Today I'm going to eat full fat greek yoghurt with toasted flaked almonds and honey. I think I fancy something crunchy, and this fits the bill nicely. For lunch we will both be eating here, so have decided upon a Bacon and Brie salad. This is a lovely combination, with sizzling hot bacon topped with a creamy Cornish brie that half melts over a bed of mixed salad. The salad will be tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper - this not only brings out the flavour, but also adds fat to help us feel fuller. Just a teaspoon of oil is enough for 2 portions.

This classic combination is often found in sandwiches, but I think eating it as a salad gives a much fresher taste. Who needs bread? But, if you do need bread, choose something nice and fresh and add it to your Calorie Bank. It may add 200 calories to the meal, but you can eat it if that is what you want. I'll look at the calories later, but I suspect this salad will not set us back any more than 400 calories.

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