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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A trip to the lakes

We were wandering around the valley lakes, following a trail here and there yesterday. We were overtaken by a determined walker, more determined than us obviously. I said "we're only doing this so we can have cake". She replied and said that everything she ate ended up on her backside, so she needed to walk too.

Thinking about this when we got back, we now realise we do really think completely differently about eating. Once upon a time we would have said the exact same thing and moaned about not being able to eat anything or we would put on weight. But - the stark reality is, we can all eat, we just have to know HOW MUCH. Like a car, we won't function without fuel, but try to put too much in the tank, and it will spill out all over the forecourt. We now know how much we can eat, and only if we go above that calorie allowance will we put on weight. It's as simple as that. There is no secret.

When we go for walks now, it is AHEAD of eating something that we know would take us outside of our calorie allowance for the day. It puts us in control. We may just want to walk to help lose weight faster. We decide. Either way, we have some beautiful scenery to relax and enjoy - and while we are out there, we are not eating! Walking at a steady pace uses up around 300 calories per hour. The health benefits are a bonus too. Who wouldn't want to walk in places like this. Explore your surrounding countryside if you can.

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