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Friday, 15 July 2011

That's all the prep done!

Later on we will be having our lyonaisse potatoes, which is now prepared and ready to go into a slow oven before we go out (see below). It's nice to come home to the smell of home cooking. The beauty of this dish is its cost - and one of our recession busting meals.

This will give 2 large portions, but will feed a lot more if used as a vegetable dish to accompany other food.

I used 500g sliced potatoes, 250g sliced onions. Use a fluffy potato rather than a waxy potato, as the liquid will be absorbed better. When layering these 2 ingredients in the oven proof dish, I added salt, pepper, garlic and chopped fresh thyme. Once assembled, I poured over around 300ml (use less if using a waxy potato), of a mix of chicken stock and full fat milk. You want to see the liquid about half way up the dish. You could use half milk and half stock, but you may wish to use a different ratio (all cream perhaps). The butter on the top will help crisp the top layer and give it a lovely flavour.

The WHOLE dish is approximately 540 calories. That's 350 calories for the potatoes,80 cals for the onions,60 cals for the milk and 50 cals for the butter.
I think we will have some of this with a home made burger later.

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