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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday lunch

I realise this is a pretty mundane picture to some and possibly interesting to others? I just wanted to show you what a light lunch looked like on the plate. (Mind you, if you look closely I think I've created what looks to be a picture of a rabbit on a plate with wholemeal ears!!). I simply wanted to show the amount of food we are both now consuming - AND - feeling full and happy with. It was so easy to prepare and very nutritious. We shared a 100g packet of smoked salmon. Some people don't get on with smoked salmon, and I know I can't eat too much of it, so the 50g was enough for me and only cost 90 calories. Obviously if you love it then go for a larger portion as it's not going to break the Calorie Bank is it.

I know this meal will be filling and sustain me for most of the afternoon. The wholemeal roll weighed 40g and with butter cost 125 calories. There were 2 large eggs. The total cost of this meal is around 360 calories. So there is plenty of spare room for a snack if I feel I need one. Yesterday I snacked on some juicy grapefruit pieces which I had prepared and stuck at the front of the fridge. I also had a lollipop and some flying saucers - which left me smiling.

We tend to avoid low fat foods, but that is not to say we actively seek out bad high fat foods. We try to create a balance. I've got some pizza in the fridge, which will go on standby for Friday night. Looking around the pizzas on offer, there was a wide range of calories and fat content. I typically try to pick something in the middle range, as I want to enjoy eating something with a bit of taste. But, I find pre-packaged food can be dauntingly high in calories and fat - which in my book, is unnecessary. So - take a wise view, pick out something you really fancy to eat, but make sure you know what it contains. My pizza will be shared, and we'll both get 427 calories which I'm sure we'll both enjoy very very much.

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