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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday lunch

We had a lovely meal last night. Just the humble potato and onion bake. It was hearty and rustic, and went perfect with mushy peas. This is how it looked once cooked:
Today is another day when we can eat our full energy allowance. We choose to lose weight this way, as it makes for a great social life. In fact, we're off to a party later, so those additional calories will be useful. We've been for a walk between the showers, and worked off around 300 calories doing just that.

Saturday lunch was simple fish and chips. Usually we don't keep a close tab on our calorie consumption, as it can all get a bit overdone. Curiously though, we found it difficult to work out how many calories were in our fish and chips and what a "normal" portion is supposed to be. So I resorted to weighing the amount of fish and chips we brought back home. We asked for a LARGE cod and a STANDARD chips. The large piece of battered cod was 360g - it was huge. I'm not sure anyone could eat a piece of fish this size!!
We cut the fish into 2 portions. Buying the large fish means there is less batter and more fish generally. The bag of standard chips weighed in at 350g! We stopped buying the large bag, as we just threw too many away. Again, we shared the chips. The meal was plentiful. It was the silence that made me smile. The appreciation of good food - total silence. We devoured it before you could say pass the salt. It was heavenly. Crisp, fresh and delicious. After trawling the internet I believe the calorie content would be: 180g battered cod - 425 cals, 170g chips 425 cals. Total for the meal 850 calories. Yes that's quite a lot, but it is Saturday, and we are here to have fun and enjoy life. Here's what our portion looked like, and remember - we SHARED a single portion! What if you ate the whole lot?
Now that was lunch - and 4 hours later, we are not even hungry. So the food may be quite high in calories, and with its fat content, it is sustaining us for longer.

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