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Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday lunch

It’s going to be a bit of a repeat – mozzarella on toasted ciabatta. We have a few of our own tomato plants, and they have some wonderfully juicy tomatoes just waiting to be eaten. I’ve just picked some and the smell is divine. What better way to eat them than with some great cheese. Mozzarella is quite a lot lower in fat than other cheese, so that’s a bonus. I’ll rub a garlic clove over the ciabatta and spray it with olive oil then toast it and top with the cheese.
This evening we’ll use up the leftover chicken pieces. I may marinate them in tandoori paste, which can be bought by the jar, then fry and put into a wrap with some salad. If not, we could have a small chicken stir fry? Not sure what I fancy at the moment, so I’ll see later. We are after a small meal before we go out to the pub. We’ve got a pizza on standby for our return, as we have a feeling we might want something to eat! By eating a little before we go out, we don’t drink as fast, and won’t be tempted by crisps or peanuts at the pub.
The new pot of full fat greek yoghurt we opened this morning was off, so we had cereals instead. Typical when we had the nectarines and peaches ready to go on top! Never mind, we can have this tomorrow for breakfast now I’ve bought some more.
My partner has to have another link taken out of his watch at this rate, which is encouraging.

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