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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bacon and brie salad...with avocado

I can't wait to eat this. As the bacon cooks, the aroma in the kitchen is inviting. The brie was taken out of the fridge about an hour beforehand, as it needs to reach room temperature before the full flavour impact can be witnessed.
Sorting through my vegetable drawer I spotted some stray avocados. I don't like to waste anything, and although these were a bit squidgy, I was sure they would taste great. A small avocado weighed 90g, and by the time I had prepared it we are left with just 40g to share at just 32 calories each. This will give the salad a lovely twist. The lettuce was good old cheap and cheerful ENGLISH ROUND LETTUCE. It always seems to me that this little lettuce is a supermarket apology, in favour of other exotic versions. It's got a wonderful subtle flavour and the texture is perfect for this dish. At 60p, bypass those bags of convenient salad leaves, as these round lettuces take just moments to prepare. I'm sure there are local lettuces everywhere that are equally as tasty. Season with salt, pepper and toss in olive oil.

There were 4 rashers of butchers bacon, quite thick - unlike the pre-packed stuff. Trim all the fat off and put to one side. Place the trimmed bacon rashers in the pan to draw out the water, use a low heat and remove after just a couple of minutes. You will see all the white bacon water. Pour this out,then place the fat pieces in the pan and heat. You'll see the fat start to come out, and this rendered fat will be used to cook the bacon rashers in. Put the bacon rashers back in the pan and cook until crisp. They should crisp up nicely now all that water has gone, and the taste will have intensified.
All there is left to do is to assemble! The brie sits on top of the hot bacon and melts into it. If you don't like brie then use some other cheese, just weigh it out. See how our finished product looked.
CALORIES: Approximately 400 calories depending on the amount of bacon and brie. We used 20g avocado, 40g brie and 70g bacon. Interestingly, by removing the rind/fat from the bacon and taking out the water, then cooking out as much more fat as possible, 100g of uncooked bacon reduced to just 37g of cooked bacon!!

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