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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rump steak!

Today I have been for an hour's walk (that's 300 calories to credit to my Calorie Bank), so I suspect my body wants to replace the salt lost with exercise. I was going to have a goats cheese salad, but think I now prefer the idea of a steak salad. How to go from frugal to fancy all in one day! Having said that, the total cost of the meals is very low.

I'm going to eat a bit later tonight, as my other half said he would be home around 7.30pm, so his had something to do with changing my mind about what to eat. We've decided on rump steak with (home grown) new salad potatoes (in butter and salt)and a rocket/watercress and parmesan salad. We love this quick recipe. Rump steak is about 1 calorie per gram, so our 160 gram portion will hardly break the calorie bank. Just trim off the fat from the steaks, and cut the fat into small pieces first. Pop the fat into the frying pan, and cook gently to draw out the fat. This can then be used to cook the steaks in.

In fact the whole meal will come to around 320 calories and because it's so low in calories, you could use chips instead of potatoes. Try my home made oven chips and you will never look back; they are so easy to whip up and the flavour is all you could ever ask for (see 'Chips with everything' post). We bought a small amount of Cornish Blue cheese which is a wonderful blue cheese without the overpowering flavour of most blue cheeses, and as I still fancy some cheese, after frying the steak in oil, I am going to sit a few of the thinnest slices on top of my piece of steak, and pop it under the grill. I'll get all the flavour of a blue cheese dressing without the calories that come from the cream, and if I'm honest, a much sharper and fresher taste. I'm drooling at the thought of it already. We think rump steak tastes much better than sirloin or fillet - and, thankfully it is the cheapest! The steak from our butcher is so much more tender than any we have had from a supermarket. The cost of this meal is surprisingly low, considering its title. In fact, it is lower than a ready meal for two. Here it is:

My 3rd "good" day's food intake is as follows:

Breakfast 150 calories
Lunch 400 calories
Snack 200 calories (I just HAD to eat ...chocolate....)
Dinner 320 calories (345 with a bit of cheese)
Tea/coffee 100 calories

Despite the huge snack (which I suspect was because I ate too little for breakfast - again) there are now 330 calories left to eat this evening. A beer or a glass of wine may take care of them, but I will still be under the 1500 calories for my "good" day.

I wonder what my partner will weigh tomorrow? Only the last few times he has "stuck" at a weight, he has found that he drops quite a few pounds all in one go? Looking forward to finding out later.

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