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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Today's menu

I fancy something refreshing for breakfast, and the pineapple and melon in the fridge sounds good. I'll have this with yoghurt. That's full fat greek yoghurt, which is just so lovely and creamy.

At the supermarket I picked out some interesting cheeses to taste. There was a very nice Cornish goats cheese, semi hard, and after a sneaky pick, absolutely wonderful flavour. The price was quite high, but nowadays I go for quality rather than quantity, and asked for 100g. I may make a goats cheese salad a lunch after all that bread yesterday.

My partner is currently weighing in at the same weight for the third day. His weight is just above his lowest ever weight, and he is hoping the body is consolidating the weight loss so far. His belt is tighter and if he doesn't get a new pair of work trousers soon he really will look very very silly. I have a feeling he will not be home in time for dinner, due to various meetings, so I'm going to have to think up a meal for myself.

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