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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Light lunch

Boosted by the weigh in today, I am spurred on to eat a light lunch. One of my favourite fast foods is an omelette and in good old popeye fashion, I added spinach to the egg mixture.

After a late trip to the shops, the aroma from a number of fast food outlets began to come to our attention. We were starving. It could have been so easy buying a takeaway, but we decided to stick with our decision and have an omelette when we got back.

You would not believe the speed at which we executed the finest spinach, mushroom and cheese omelette! While I prepped the salad (open bag, dispense contents, add tomatoes and olive oil/salt/pepper)my partner cracked the eggs.
Now, he is beginning to show off a little, and is happy trying out the one handed egg cracking operation. Well the first one didn't go to plan. Still, he managed the rest and whisked 5 eggs together (that's 2.5 eggs each), while the mushrooms were sizzling in another small saucepan. The omelette mixture is simply eggs and seasoning. We never use milk or cream etc. This will give a lovely rich tasting omelette with a real depth of flavour. I put some raw spinach a pan, and cooked this down to draw out all the water. This left about 2 heaped tablespoons of cooked spinach, which was whisked into the egg mixture before pouring into the pan to cook.

The mushrooms and grated cheese were added, omelette flipped and it was done. DO NOT OVERCOOK THE OMELETTE. To this we added my salad and a piece of french stick lightly buttered. Perfect. Fresh. Honest. Tasty.

Our walk today was exactly 4 miles. So our Calorie Bank has been topped up significantly and we will spend it later. Tonight we have decided to have lamb chops with rocket and parmesan salad and our own new potatoes. That's after enjoying a martini and nibbles beforehand and a drop of red wine with the meal.

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